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By Landrum B. Shettles, David M. Rorvik

ISBN-10: 0767926102

ISBN-13: 9780767926102

For nearly 40 years, How to decide on the intercourse of Your Baby has been the normal reference for attempting to elevate their possibilities of having the son or daughter they wish for. during this new version in their vintage booklet, Dr. Shettles and David Rorvik offer authoritative medical reports and compelling anecdotal facts demonstrating that the Shettles strategy maintains to supply effects unrivaled by means of the other technique. Dozens of testimonials verify its ease of use and expense of success.

How to decide on the intercourse of Your Baby
explains the easy, at-home, noninvasive Shettles technique and offers distinctive steps to take to conceive a toddler of a particular gender. The thoroughly utilized Shettles procedure offers a seventy five percentage or greater probability of getting a toddler of the specified intercourse. a few researchers have stated good fortune premiums of as much as ninety percentage!

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Try to adjust the drops to every two or three seconds. 72. Have Dad feed Baby from a spoon held in the hand of one of his larger dolls or teddy bears. 73. Baby Magic. Tie a string of bright-colored silk kerchiefs end-to-end—the more, the better. Have Dad insert them up his jacket sleeve and let Baby tug the continuous line of silk through Dad’s palm. 74. Tie a shoe to each of the ends of two broomsticks. With the shoes dangling, move the sticks to create a dancing feet effect for Baby. Try a slow shuffle, a tap dance.

51. Dinner & A Show. While Baby is eating, have the rest of the family perform at the table by tapping glasses of water with a spoon. Make sure the glasses have different amounts of liquid so they will produce a variety of tones. Note: Let Baby join in the fun by playing backup percussion with a wooden spoon on his tray. 52. Living Statues. Have family dance about the room until Mom touches someone on top of the head, at which point he or she freezes in position. As Mom contin­ues to touch players at random, each one is turned on and off like a windup toy.

Wet a small cloth with vanilla extract and allow Baby to smell it. Baby’s response will vary from slight smile to laugh, but it’s a great forecaster of Baby’s future interest in Häagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s. 63. Have several people blow New Year’s Eve noisemakers (you know, the kind that expand in and out with your breath) in Baby’s direction. Depending on Baby’s taste, she might prefer the all-in-­unison sound, the left-to-right chain reaction, or the jazzier random-order improv. 64. Treasure Hunt.

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