Khosrow Bagheri Noaparast's Islamic Education PDF

By Khosrow Bagheri Noaparast

ISBN-10: 9644723287

ISBN-13: 9789644723285

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The ignorant speculation, however, is made so hastily that if you analyzed it, you will find that it has been nothing more than an illusion turned into a speculation without any support of evidence. Thus, the wise speculation is valuable and a means for emancipation. The Qur’an hence, invites those who have not reached knowledge and certainty to use their wise speculations. It indicates that this amount of investment could be enough for showing the way. ”38 The prophets have declared, with some evidence, that man will be raised to see the results of his actions.

Smart is very much doubtful as to the possibility of considering verifiability or falsifiability as a dividing point between scientific themes, at the one hand, and doctrines, at the other, because the influence of metaphysical element in science and scientific themes prevents such themes from becoming empirically (verifiable or) falsifiable (p. 42); and thus, become similar to doctrines. Smart believes that the kind of attitude towards opposing evidence is what can separate indoctrination subject from other un-falsifiable matters.

42 43 References Carr, D. (1994). Knowledge and truth in religious education. Journal of Philosophy of Education, 28, 221-238. Carr, D. (1996). Rival conceptions of spiritual education. Journal of Philosophy of Education, 30, 159-179. Feyerabend, P. (1981). How to defend society against science. In I. ) Scientific Revolutions, Oxford University Press, 156-167. R. (1967). Observation and interpretation. In S. ), Philosophy of Science Today. New York: Basic Books. Hirst, P. H. (1965). Liberal education and the nature of knowledge.

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