Poetry in a Time of Terror: Essays in the Postcolonial - download pdf or read online

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By Rukmini Bhaya. Nair

ISBN-10: 0198060769

ISBN-13: 9780198060765

The essays, including a close creation and Postscript, greatly concentrate on the query of poetry. broad ranging of their references, and written in a lyrical and welcoming variety, the writings interact with a bunch of political questions when it comes to state, language, translation, borders, gender, sexuality, and more.How can anyone poet outline her personal voice within the face of the overpowering presence of prior, usually useless, poets' voices? What attach our 'new' postcolonial, transnational anxieties to the rampant celebrations of cruelty and torture that experience regularly been the topic of poetry from humankind's earliest epics? Is poetry the antithesis of terror or is it terror's very essence? whereas grappling with those questions, the underlying premise is that poems, even the main it appears daily ones, are texts of difficulty; they're our first language while faced with the incomprehensible, with elegant pleasure, or with terror out of the sky.

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One of Paglia's collections, characteristically entitled Vamps and Tramps, contains an essay on 'Love Poetry'. Here, Paglia returns, once more, to her own understanding of the Sapphic mode. She write;: A love poem is secondary rather than primary experience; as an imaginative construction, it invites detached contemplation of the spectacle of sex. Much love poetry is clearly testing the limits of decorous speech, partly to bring sexual desire under the control of the imagination. Sappho shows that love poetry is how the Western personality defines itself In plain concise language, Sappho analyses her extreme state as if she were both actor and observer; she is candid and emotional yet dignified, austere, dmost clinicd...

Here, the 'creative pain' of poetic production has, I believe, to be re-analysed specifically as the pain of giving 'unnatural' birth to changeling children by art$ciaI means. Thus, my aim in this essay is not so much to lay out agenealogy ofpost- independence women writers in English, as Eunice de Souza has done so admirably in Nine Indian Women Poets, as to advance a preliminary thesis about the ways in which the politics of victimhood manifests itself in such writing. Let me use an analogy. In many Indian folk tales, there occurs the figure of a woman who is the focal point of misogyny.

He Answer to Freud's Question: W e have dwelt, in the last section, on a contortionist poetics involving the concepts of 'unnaturalness' and 'alienation', so this may be an appropriate time for me to mention Sappho-born in the seventh century BC on the island of Lesbos and honoured as the Tenth Muse by Plato. H. Lawrence, to the current radical pop figure of Camille Paglia, the bane of liberal American academia. Paglia is, as anyone who has read her work will agree, the Madonna of the literary world.

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