Download e-book for iPad: Robotic Mapping and Exploration by Cyrill Stachniss

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By Cyrill Stachniss

ISBN-10: 3642010962

ISBN-13: 9783642010965

"Robotic Mapping and Exploration" is a crucial contribution within the sector of simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) for self sufficient robots, which has been receiving loads of realization by means of the study group within the most recent few years. The contents are fascinated with the self reliant mapping studying challenge. strategies comprise uncertainty-driven exploration, lively loop last, coordination of a number of robots, studying and incorporating heritage wisdom, and working with dynamic environments. effects are observed via a wealthy set of experiments, revealing a promising outlook towards the appliance to a variety of cellular robots and box settings, comparable to seek and rescue, transportation projects, or automatic vacuum cleaning.

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6) by assuming that m is independent of xt given we have no observations. The variable η represents a normalization constants ensuring that the left-hand side sums up to one over all m. We assume that the individual cells of a coverage map are independent. This is not true in general, but is frequently used in the context of grid maps. We would like to refer to a work by Thrun [147] on how to better deal with the dependency between cells. 9) p(c | xt , zt ). 10) t =1 c∈m t =η c∈m t =1 Thus, to update a map given a measurement zt we simply have to multiply the current belief about the coverage of each cell c by the belief about the coverage resulting from zt .

2 Coordinating a Team of Robots during Exploration 47 Robot Robot (a) (b) Fig. 1. Typical cost functions obtained for two different robot positions. The black rectangle indicates the target points in the unknown area with minimum cost. Our algorithm differs from standard value iteration in that it regards all actions of the robots as deterministic, which seriously speeds up the computation. To incorporate the uncertainty in the motion of the robots into the process and to benefit from the efficiency of the deterministic variant, we smooth the input maps by a convolution with a Gaussian kernel.

11), we apply the maximum likelihood principle. We used data sets recorded with a B21r robot in our department building using sonar and laser observations. We then compared the resulting maps build with the sonar sensors to the ground truth map obtained by applying a highly accurate scan-alignment procedure [61] on the laser range information. We can easily compute the exact coverage of each cell of a given discretization by straightforward geometric operations. We evaluate a particular set of parameters by computing the likelihood of the ground truth map given the corresponding coverage map and by applying a local search techniques to determine a parameter setting that maximizes the likelihood of the ground truth map.

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