John Chambers's The Books of Sorcery, Vol.3: Oadenol's Codex (Exalted RPG) PDF

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By John Chambers

ISBN-10: 1588466957

ISBN-13: 9781588466952

Oadenol's Codex is the consultant to the sensible software of sorcerous wisdom within the moment Age. From the production of artifacts to the elevating of manses, and from the sophisticated workings of thaumaturgy to a few of the certainly happening miracles of production, this 3rd of Exalted's Books of Sorcery bargains aspiring geomancers, sorcerer-engineers, thaumaturges and preternaturalists the instruments they should ply their arcane trades. This e-book contains: A plethora of ready-made artifacts, hearthstones, prodigies and manses for characters to possess and Storytellers to weave into their sequence, ideas for growing new and targeted artifacts and manses, entire ideas for thaumaturgy.

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At least not without a land ship, see p. 38). It also only points to the largest conflict. Usually, that doesn’t matter. When your Circle-mate fights alone against a kraken and the compass leads you to some pirates attacking a merchant ship, though… ESSENCE UNION DART Essence union darts come in black and green jade varieties. All can be thrown by hand or fired from a blowgun (treat as a thrown needle with a +1 accuracy; blowguns have a 30 yard Range). They require two motes to attune. When the character successfully hits a living target with the Essence union dart, the dart creates a mystical link between attacker and target.

This ship provides rapid and relatively safe transport across huge swathes of Creation, land and sea, but the sand ships of the Southern deserts sail on land without magic; a land ship merely handles more diverse terrain. A land ship offers great advantages over people who must rely on horseback, though. The mote discount for Sail Charms pushes it from Artifact 2 to Artifact 3. Combining this with the folding ship (see p. 41) might make a decent Artifact 5. SCABBARD OF THE LIVING WEAPON This scabbard is made of a flexible but tough black leather of uncertain origin.

It has a weakness against flame, but this is a two-dot drawback at best, perhaps accounting for the low attunement cost. 36 DUELING TORCS Dueling torcs are pairs of thin collars made of alternating bands of white and black jade but bound with an iron clasp. They were common in the First Age; less so in the Age of Sorrows. Two Essence-channelers put on the paired collars, and the iron clasps automatically seal once both contenders commit a single mote. The torcs end the effects of all non-permanent Charms and prevent the subjects from spending Essence.

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