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By Marti Olsen Laney Psy.D.

ISBN-10: 0761135243

ISBN-13: 9780761135241

Introverted teenagers are frequently misunderstood, even by means of their mom and dad, who fear approximately them. Engaged by means of their inside global, they’re frequently considered as aloof. simply beaten through an excessive amount of stimulation, they are often noticeable as unmotivated. content material with only one or shut pals, they are perceived as unpopular. mom and dad be anxious that they're unsatisfied and maladjusted. however the fact is kind of various: Introverted youngsters are artistic challenge solvers. Introverted young children like to research. Introverted young children have a excessive EQ (emotional IQ) and are in contact with their emotions. They take time to prevent and scent the roses, they usually get pleasure from their very own corporation. they're responsible, continual, versatile, and absence vainness.

How can mom and dad support their introverted little ones realize and domesticate those tremendous presents? assistance is right here. Written through Dr. Marti Olsen Laney, writer of The Introvert Advantage with 74,000 copies in print, The Hidden presents of the Introverted baby fully explains introversion as a hardwired temperament, now not a incapacity, and tells simply what mom and dad have to do to assist their baby develop into the individual she or he is intended to be—and reach an extroverted international. starting with a 30-question quiz that areas a toddler at the introvert/extrovert continuum, The Hidden presents shows mom and dad the best way to foster a weather that permits introverted youngsters to find their internal strengths; agenda methods for a truly younger innie to recharge these batteries and educate an older baby to do it for him- or herself; create a harmonious loved ones with siblings, and oldsters, of other temperaments; aid innies locate good fortune in school, activities, events, and different crew actions.

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Try to assess when she feels energized by outside activities and when she needs quiet time by herself to recharge, so that you can help her develop a schedule that is best for her. 1–8 Trues: Your child is extroverted. He is energized by people, activities, and things. Try to keep him busy, but also help teach him to value downtime and reflection. If you’re still not sure if the child (or any person) you are thinking about is an innie or an outie, ask yourself: Does he need to reduce stimulation by creating time alone (or with a special person) or to reflect in quiet in order to feel refreshed most of the time?

Acetylcholine governs vital functions in the brain, including concentrating, consciousness, alert states, shifts between waking and sleeping, voluntary movement, and memory storage. The dopamine pathways represent the most powerful reward systems in the brain. They turn off certain types of complex brain functions and turn on involuntary movement, so they prompt children to act now and think later. Bridging Mind and Body The next puzzle piece is explained by leading brain researchers Stephen Kosslyn and Oliver Koenig in their book Wet Mind.

Scientists have been able to map these neurotransmitter pathways and networks and have determined what functions they affect. Traveling certain pathways more often than others, linking cells according to their own unique design, creates a child’s temperament. D. J. Allan Hobson, a professor of psychiatry at Harvard, has written at length about the next piece of the puzzle: the influence of two specific neurotransmitters, acetylcholine and dopamine. According to Hobson, these two main chemical “jolt juices” significantly influence vital brain functions and therefore have a huge impact on behavior.

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